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    Our affiliate program is free to join. So, anyone can join and start their affiliate earning.

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    Every time your credit reaches Rs.1000, you will be paid. We directly transfer money to your bank account through NEFT or PayPal.

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Why Should You Promote Motherhost’s Affiliate program?

Motherhost offers a great range of web hosting services that are apt for all types of websites, blog and businesses. We offer all the necessary resources for your clients, visitors, readers, friends, family and colleagues for getting online. Motherhost’s affiliate program is a place where all your efforts get rewarded and where you can earn money online. Our affiliate program provides the most competitive commission rates.

Start referring us and start making money online!

Best Commission Rates
Fixed commission rates are offered with different web hosting packages and domain registrations. Commission rates range from 8% to 25% for various web hosting services.
Short Retaining Period
We have a withhold period of 30 days. The commission can be withdrawn after 30 days of sale.
No Registration Fees
You can join Motherhost’s affiliate program for free and get access to stunning banners that can be displayed on your website or blog. You can start earning online right away!
Easy Payouts
Whenever your affiliate account balance reaches 3,000, you will receive the payment. Your commission will be transferred to your bank account thorough NEFT transfer or PayPal.
Appealing Banners
We offer a wide range of banners that you can use on your website or blog. You can also let us know if you need custom size banners.
How To Get Started With Your Affiliates Journey?
We have a dedicated team of experts that will guide you through every step! You have the liberty of promoting Motherhost through various platforms for higher conversions. For more information, you can get in touch with our affiliate experts at support@motherhost.com

Clever Ways To Promote Affiliate Links

Place banners on the header, footer or anywhere on your website or blog.

Share your affiliate links through the social media channels; you can share them on WhatsApp as well.

Create interesting and informative videos and promote your affiliate link in the description.

Promote your affiliate link by writing interesting content.

Get into email marketing and add your affiliate links in the call-to-action buttons.


Motherhost blog

We post quality content on our blog which helps in enriching your knowledge.

Affiliate academy

Enhance your knowledge through our affiliate academy channel where you can increase your referrals and earn passive income.

Expert support

We have a dedicated affiliate team that assists you and has the expertise to solve all your queries.

Motherhost Facebook page

Like and follow our facebook page and get daily updates on our affiliate program and commission paid.

Steps To Start Earning Money Online

Step 1

Sign up the Motherhost’s affiliate program.

Step 2

Login to your affiliate portal and view the banners available, get your custom affiliate links created and start promoting.

Step 3

Place the banners along with the affiliate links on your website or blog and you are all set to start earning.

Attractive Banners

When you sign up for Motherhost’s affiliate program, you get access to many eye-catching banners in various dimensions. You can select any banner through your affiliate dashboard or through the banners page. You can also create personalized banners by getting in touch with our team support@motherhost.com.


Call To Action

Note : You cannot demand for commission for the hosting packages you have signed up for as this is against our Affiliate Policy.

Frequently asked questions.
What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program is a marketing program that offers commission or rewards to the affiliates for every customer got through the promotional and marketing efforts by the affiliate.
How Does The Motherhost Affiliate Program Function?
Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you will get access to your affiliate account. You can select from a wide range of banners and text link ads and add them to your website or blog. Your unique affiliate link will be linked when you add the banners or text link ads. When any visitor clicks on the banner or text link ad, that visitor will be redirected to the respective page of our official website. If the visitor orders any of our hosting packages, then the affiliate will be entitled for a commission.
Do I have to pay anything to sign up for the affiliate program?
There are no registration charges for joining our affiliate program. You can sign up for the affiliate program for free through our affiliate portal (link to the affiliate portal).
What is the commission structure?

We offer several web hosting packages and the commission rates differ according to every package. You can visit the affiliate commission page to get information on all the commission rates for the web hosting packages.

Where can I see the status of my affiliate account?
Once you login to your affiliate account, you will be able to view all the important information like banner ads, text link ads, pending commission, traffic logs, approved commission, payment status and account balance.
If I refer a client to Motherhost, when will I know if the client is successfully referred or not?

If the client referred by you completes the purchase process and makes the payment, you will be entitled to the commission. You can check the status of your commission in the affiliate dashboard. The commission is approved within 30 days, until then the commission will be in the pending status.

I have referred a client to Motherhost but why have I not received my commission?
If the client referred by you signs up for a web hosting package with us anytime within 30 days from then, your affiliate commission will be approved. The affiliate commission is approved only after 30 days from when the client purchases a web hosting package.
Where is the affiliate commission deposited?

The affiliate commission will be transferred to your account through NEFT transfer or PayPal.

When will be my affiliate commission approved?
Your affiliate commission will be approved only after 30 days after the client purchase.
When can I withdraw my affiliate commission money?

When your affiliate account reaches a balance of ₹ 2,000 or more, the money can be withdrawn. We will transfer it to you through NEFT or PayPal (For this, you will have to share your bank account information with us).

What if I forget my affiliate username and password?
In order to reset your login credentials, you will have to send us an email to support@motherhost.com through your registered email ID (the email ID you used for signing up for the affiliate program).
Where can I see the affiliate policy?

If any of my referrals purchases a plan every month, will I get commission every month?
No, commissions are only offered for referring new clients.
How to refer a client through the affiliate link?

There are several ways to refer a client though the affiliate link:

  • You can place Motherhost’s banner or text link in your website/blog that contains your affiliate link.
  • You can give your affiliate link to the people you are refereeing and you can ask them to place the order through your affiliate link.
  • You can share your affiliate link on the social media websites and on WhatsApp. If anyone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the service from us, this will be tracked and you will be entitled to the commission.
To whom should I refer Motherhost?
You can refer Motherhost to anyone who wants to buy web hosting services or domain registration.
Whom should I contact in case I have any questions regarding the affiliate program?

If you have any questions, we will provide all the necessary information. You can send us an email at support@motherhost.com

What is the time duration of tracking cookie?
The time duration of tracking cookie is 365 days.
Do I need to be technically sound for becoming a Motherhost affiliate?

You absolutely do not need any technical knowledge for being a Motherhost affiliate. All you need is a website or a blog and you can get started easily. You will get complete guidance from us.